miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010

Natural textures..

Copper flashing and cork by Kravet Wallcoverings.

 Ralph Lauren Textures

 Sea Grass - Sepia

 Erin Line Herringbone - Natural

 Hudson Chevron Chec - Linen

 Yacare cocodrile - Mahogany

 Marella Plaster. Matte Gold.

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Strong colors for strong walls..

Cole & Son Wallcoverings.

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lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010

Inspirational Luxury things i love & love to share..

Fornasetti Forma Piano

SUT KUTUSU. The Suitcase Chair.

Mirrored tree house.

Gaetano Pesce: Meritalia at Milan Design Week.

Fornasetti Lux Gstaad Chairs.

Murals are a visual blast for your eyes


D´expresso ia coffe shop located at York’s Lower East Side. The walls are covered in tiles with pictures of books on them, giving the illusion that the space is tilted. Designed by Nema Workshop..

Geometric fabrics designer..

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Silk. same component, diferent textures

                                                      KRAVET FABRICS
                                                           LEE JOFFA FABRICS

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                     KRAVET FABRICS                                        
                                              LEE JOFFA FABRICS  

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This are some of TalCual. wallpapers style

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viernes, 12 de noviembre de 2010

Go Wild!

The Carapace collection is inspired by nature's skins, textures, and colors.
Resulting in surreal, almost magical creations which appear to be born out of a parallel universe.

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jueves, 11 de noviembre de 2010

Not the ordinary family house...

This is the kind of home where you imagine Willy Wonka to live, or some other out-there character who throws crazy dinner parties that are talked about months afterwards.
Paige West from the gallery Mixed greens is the owner. It is a delightful, colorful and slightly mad mix of styles, colors, art and props. One thing is certain; the kids will not describe their home as ordinary or boring. 


The new Clarke & Clarke Cabaret collection takes a quirky look to your furniture. 
8 colors available.

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Old favorites in the best tradition.

    Old favorites in the best tradition of pattern design are simplified and re-grouped in fresh colour palettes. This wallpapers can transform a plain wall into a beautiful feature in any room. 

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   Stroheim & Romann Fabrics and Wallpapers.
This 140 year old company is known for quality and a wide range of exquisite designs. Stroeheim's fabric and wallpaper patterns are both traditional and contemporary and work in any setting.

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miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

Emma Hack prints yet another layer of the story.

the artist...
Emma Hack
Diverse Multimedia Artist  
Skin Illustrator, Photographer, Sculptor

Emma's Wallpaper collections feature Florence Broadhurst wallpaper designs combined with her body illustration.

Stick and re-stick your self.

      An Of Montreal design..

These quirky graphics were designed by David Barnes, brother of lead singer, Kevin Barnes.

For people that want something more, this paint/wallpaper conundrum are perfect plus they´re movable. Sounds great for me. They give vibe to your wall. 

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